GOP declares Democrats have a *War on Women*

So it seems the Republican Party has been a bunch of busy little bees as of late. Something had to be up, of course, because as far as the legislation we’ve seen rolled out state by state lately is pretty par for the course if you’re a republican. New voter restriction laws in Mississippi, Texas, Alabama and North Carolina as well as abortion restrictions that leave far too little women’s health clinics open to low-income women in Texas, North Carolina, Wisconsin, Iowa and Ohio. It’s like the Koch brothers got an unlimited amount of *Get out of Jail Free Cards* suddenly, either that or they’ve done a lot of oil speculating lately. At any rate the party that has vowed to rebrand itself since the last election seems to only be getting worse and on top of it they’ve decided to co-opt an idea from the Democratic Party.

Today BuzzFeed reported that Republicans are practically salivating at the mouth over the Mayor of San Diego Bob Filner’s sexual harassment scandal, Anthony Weiner’s newest sexting disgrace and retired Governor of New York Eliot Spitzer’s run for city comptroller after his prostitution scandal. The opportunists are leaping at the chance to turn these events around and declare the Democratic Party has a, you guessed it, “War on Women”. It seems they are going to have just one little problem with this farce though…..they can’t cite the policy to back it up. I’ve made a short list of policy they voted against or enacted that is clearly demeaning and harmful to women. If I made a long list…well, you’d be here all weekend and we don’t want that.

*138 Senate Republicans voted AGAINST the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA)Senate Votes

*172 House Republicans voted AGAINST The Lily Ledbetter Fair Pay Act House Votes

*North Carolina’s Motorcycle/Abortion bill
*Attempted Fetal Heartbeat Bill in Texas and North Dakota
*More abortion restrictions enacted since 2010 than since Roe V Wade was decided
*Two women Democrats in the MI house were banned from speaking after using the word *vagina* in an abortion bill debate

So when your crazy Uncle starts chuckling and slapping his knees about the Democrats and their *War on Women* you may want to remind him that the proof is in the policy…

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