Lesbian Couple Wed Across From Westboro Baptist Church (Video)

Congratulations to happy couple Katie Short and Kimberly Kidwell, who not only exchanged vows yesterday but made an important statement for equality under the gaze of the one of the most anti-gay, hate-mongering organizations in the U.S.

The Little Rock, Arkansas couple chose the front lawn of the colorful “Equality House” in Topeka, Kansas to get married because it’s directly across the street from the Westboro Baptist Church. The wedding ceremony went off without a hitch, according to The New Civil Rights Movement, which described both women as “glowing brides, Katie in a traditional white gown, and Kim, in a white silk pant suit. The brides’ fathers gave their daughters away as a harpist provided music. A female minister, wearing a rainbow colored stole officiated.”

Although the marriage won’t be legally recognized in either Kansas or Arkansas, it was a beautiful event. Thankfully, Equality House posted a video of the ceremony on its Facebook page so we could all celebrate with them:

Of course, WBC had to give their opinion in a tweet of the cowardly signs they put up during the ceremony saying “Dyke Sin” and “Dykes Wed”…


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