10 Ignorant and Sexist Quotes on Women’s Issues by Republicans

The internet is literally bursting at the seams with ignorant and hateful quotes by Republicans so we thought we’d stick some in a handy reference list, enjoy!

Remember this woman during the recent abortion debate in Texas…..You better glue your jaw shut. I for one was SHOCKED to hear such a thing fall from a woman’s mouth.

1.”If a woman is raped… We have hospital emergency rooms,” Rep. Jodie Laubenberg (R) insisted. “We have funded what’s called rape kits that will help the woman, basically clean her out. And then hopefully that will alleviate that.SOURCE


2.”As a man, would it interest you to know that Dr. Brownstein just published an article that links the pill to prostate cancer?”- state Rep. Jeanine Notter (R) SOURCE

3. “Abortion causes Breast Cancer!” We’ve all heard Republicans spin this tall tale and in New Hampshire back in 2012 they even included it in a bill. In fact a lot of states have this on the books, such as Kansas who enacted a similar bill a year later in 2014, or tried sneaking it into a bill. Doctors in NH have to tell their patients that abortions cause breast cancer even though the American Cancer Society says otherwise. In N.C they recently passed a bill that went a step further. Under the bill, students in seventh grade would be taught that abortion, smoking, drinking, illicit drug use and inadequate prenatal care are “preventable behaviors” that cause preterm births. Not a quote but it is worth remembering.

Somebody has a poor understanding of how the female body and insurance work….why am I not surprised?

4. “She wants to be paid to have sex. She’s having so much sex she can’t afford the contraception. She wants you and me and the taxpayers to pay her to have sex.” -Rush Limbaugh on Sandra Fluke wanting her insurance that SHE pays for to cover the cost of her birth control. SOURCE


5. “Personally I’d like to make a law that mandates a woman watch an abortion being performed prior to having a ‘surgical procedure,'” state Rep. Terri Proud (R) wrote to a constituent. SOURCE

Snow must fall in Miami an awful lot then.

6.Federal Judge James Leon Holmes, a Bush appointee, said in an article published circa 1997: “Concern for rape victims is a red herring because conceptions from rape occur with approximately the same frequency as snowfall in Miami.SOURCE

What list like this would be complete without Todd Akin!

7. “From what I understand from doctors, that’s really rare,” Akin said. “If it’s a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down. But let’s assume maybe that didn’t work or something. I think there should be some punishment, but the punishment ought to be on the rapist.SOURCE

Except when they don’t because you just made that up entirely.

8. In 1995, Republican Rep. Henry Aldridge told the House Appropriations committee: “The facts show that people who are raped — who are truly raped — the juices don’t flow, the body functions don’t work and they don’t get pregnant. Medical authorities agree that this is a rarity, if ever.SOURCE

Yes, and then I suppose all rapists will just turn the other way because the woman they plan to attack has a magic aspirin between her knees. Genius!

9. Foster Friess, the mega donor behind the pro-Rick Santorum Super PAC, dismissed questions about his patron’s controversial views on women stating: “On this contraceptive thing, my Gosh it’s such [sic] inexpensive,” he added. “You know, back in my days, they used Bayer aspirin for contraception. The gals put it between their knees, and it wasn’t that costly.SOURCE

10. Republican Congresswoman, Marsha Blackburn, thinks women don’t want equal pay laws and that just because they work hard they won’t be discriminated against…..and they lived happily ever after and walked off into a sunset where it was raining gumdrops…..right.

I think that more important than that is making certain that women are recognized by those companies. You know, I’ve always said that I didn’t want to be given a job because I was a female, I wanted it because I was the most well-qualified person for the job. And making certain that companies are going to move forward in that vein, that is what women want. They don’t want the decisions made in Washington. They want to be able to have the power and the control and the ability to make those decisions for themselves.SOURCE

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