Self-Reliance Rally in Idaho Draws Politician’s Attendance (Video)

Self proclaimed *Patriots* flocked to a “Self-reliance” rally in northern Idaho this past weekend. The rally was staged to spread the message to like-minded people that the time is now to prepare for what they feel will very soon be the total collapse of the U.S. economy. They encouraged rally goers to stock up on ammunition and other supplies. It’s very ironic because upon surfing the net last night I found this video by scam artist Porter Stansberry. You can Google him and find a plethora of interesting results.

So one has to wonder if said rally was at any way inspired by the above video. Tea party-backed Republican speakers were in attendance such as Idaho Rep. Vito Barbieri of Dalton Gardens, as well as Washington state representative Matt Shea, a Republican from Spokane Valley.The Associated Press reports:

Shea told the crowd he knows the collapse is going to happen and that Americans need to prepare for the inevitable. Such a scenario isn’t a crisis, Shea said, it’s an opportunity.

“You know it’s going to happen,” he said. “That’s right, I am a politician and I am standing up here and saying that.”

Dale Pearce, who leads a local group of anti-communists in the John Birch Society, also spoke.

“Liberty once lost is lost forever,” said Pearce, who said he once lobbied the Idaho Legislature against calling for a convention to rewrite the U.S. Constitution to add things like requiring a balanced budget, giving the president line-item veto authority and clarifying equal rights protection.

The rally, organized by the Oath Keepers group that promotes adherence to its interpretation of the U.S. Constitution, also included several survival experts giving demonstrations on a variety of things ranging from field midwife training to hand-to-hand combat

Oh, Matt Shea and Vito Barbieri….this is so not a good look for you but then again I guess fringe lunatics tend to make up the Republican Party establishment today.

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