Two Dads With Four Kids Travel From N.C. to D.C. To Get Married (Video)

With Father’s Day quickly approaching, the Campaign for Southern Equality and Freedom to Marry today released “A Tale of Two Dads,” a video featuring Mark Maxwell and Timothy Young of Winston-Salem, N.C., and their family.

Maxwell and Young got married this year after 20 years together, and have four boys – Torin (13), Justin (16), Derrick (17) and Brandon (24). Because North Carolina refuses to respect their lawful marriage, the parents have not been able to jointly adopt their children and fully protect their family under state law.

“A Tale of Two Dads” highlights the loving and committed family environment they have provided for their children. It also chronicles the struggle they face because of the anti-marriage constitutional amendment and discriminatory laws in North Carolina.

“It’s all about family for us, and so Tim and I getting married is a message to our boys that we are one family – that’s what it’s about,” Maxwell says in the video. “I would not want to parent with another person because we balance each other. We each have gifts that we bring to our family. I truly have my soulmate. … We want society to say, ‘We will protect this family.’”

“In every city and town across the South we know there are LGBT youth, adults and families who urgently need – and desire – the rights and protections that our Constitution promises to all,” said Rev. Jasmine Beach-Ferarra, Executive Director of the Campaign for Southern Equality. “Regrettably families like Mark and Tim’s suffer from the current lack of legal protections as they seek to raise happy and healthy kids.”

The video, filmed through a collaboration between the Campaign for Southern Equality and Freedom to Marry, can be viewed here:

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