Can’t Do Worse Than Lindsey Graham? Think Again. Here comes Lee Bright.

You know those moments where we say “Vote this guy out, we can do better than that!”?

Sometimes we end up getting worse.

South Carolina State Senator Lee Bright says that United States Senator Lindsey Graham is failing at conservatism, while totally ignoring Graham’s ultra conservative voting record.  He said Graham “has gone off the reservation in terms of the conservative ideals I believe in”.  He believes that Graham and McCain are too friendly to Obama.

I think it’s time that South Carolina had somebody to rep South Carolina and more of the conservative values that we hold versus Barack Obama’s or (Sen.) John McCain’s.


Because of that, Bright, the man who served as state campaign chair for the presidential campaign of Representative Michele Bachmann will be running as a primary opponent to take Graham’s Senate seat. This TEA party conservative once went as far as introducing a bill that would have anyone in the state that attempted  to implement the Affordable Care Act arrested, which was clearly unconstitutional. He believes any gun made in South Carolina should be exempt from federal law and wants school teachers to not only be armed in classrooms,  but wants students taught about the 2nd Amendment.

You read that right, he wants to teach the constitution, but is willing to make unconstitutional laws.

He also wants South Carolina to have their own currency. He’s willing to secede if he doesn’t get his way. He even opposed funding for rape crisis centers. Only one of 2 in the entire state congress to do so.

He’s anti-bipartisanship, anti-government, anti-choice, and anti-immigration reform and is totally unreasonable.  He treats working together with Democrats to get things done as a sign of weakness. He’s isn’t afraid to make something up either, like accusing McCain and Graham of  helping the Muslim Brotherhood.

Just what America needs in congress, another guy who doesn’t want to get anything done.

Trust me, I am no fan of Lindsey Graham, never will be and would love to see a Democrat take that seat, but fact is, Democrats have not won the Senate seat in a mid-term election in South Carolina since the civil rights movement, with Republicans not even coming close to losing.

In this case, we really need to consider taking the lesser of 2 evils here.

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