Cenk Uygur Takes Apart Every Single One of Laura Ingraham’s Pro-Stop & Frisk Talking Points

In this video, Cenk Uygur from The Young Turks calls out Laura Ingraham of FOX News for her pro-stop &  frisk stance and attacking Judge Scheindlin, who ruled the practices unconstitutional due to the fact that it targets minorities at a disproportionate rate. Ingraham, in an attempt to defend the law, said it isn’t really a seizure and it is only a little pat down. Uygur says, except it is exactly a search and seizure and if  Laura Ingraham went through the same treatment, she would “lose her sh*t” about it. Ingraham also says in helps law-abiding citizens feel safer in their community, while forgetting that those same law-abiding citizens are the majority of those being stopped. Ingraham claims that the judge only made that ruling because she lived in a low crime environment and would change her mind if she lived in the neighborhood. Uyger said in response that she doesn’t live there either and has no idea how the community feels about it, while showing how members of the community feels about it. Watch below:

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