Ex-Cop Who Murdered Wife Receives A Sentence of Life in Prison

Today, Brett Seacat, a former police officer who was found guilty of first degree murder for killing his wife, Vashti Seacat and burning down the house in an attempt to destroy evidence in April of 2011, was handed a life sentence by the court’s judge, Larry Solomon, nearly two months after the jury gave its verdict.

Prosecuting attorney, Amy Hanley, said the murder was out of frustration because of Vashti wanting a divorce and also wanting to kick Brett out of the house.

Throughout the trial, Seacat, along with his attorneys maintained that Washti’s death was an act of suicide due to the medication she was taking while also claiming that he wouldn’t attempt to burn down a house to cover up a shooting.

Judge Solomon at Monday’s sentencing said Seacat’s guilt was overwhelming. “Evidence to support your defense of suicide was totally unbelievable and totally unsupported by any credible evidence,” he said.

“You haven’t admitted guilt. You haven’t admitted responsibility, and you didn’t this morning even express remorse that Vashti’s no longer being on this earth,” Solomon said. “One of the victim’s family asked me to show you no mercy, and I don’t intend to show you any mercy. You didn’t show Vashti any mercy on April 30, 2011.”

Seacat accused the judge of conspiring to convict him while also adding the jury is going to hell for their verdict. He still argues that he is an innocent man.

“I teach about crimes,” Seacat said. “I know what covers up crimes and what doesn’t. I know that a bullet hole has never been covered up by a fire. I know that a murder has never been concealed by means of fire. I wouldn’t have lit a fire to try to cover this up.”

His attorneys said they planned to appeal the judge’s decision.

Seacat will have to serve 31 years and 3 months before he is eligible for parole, which is the maximum sentence in Kansas.

More on this at CNN.

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