Former McCain Strategist Says Ted Cruz is Lying to the Voters

Morning Joe guest host Donny Deutsch and former John McCain GOP strategist Nicolle Wallace explains why Ted Cruz’s speeches of being anti-everything will not go over well in a national election and that he is lying on why he can’t defund Obamacare to the voters and that the true reason that Obama hasn’t been impeached is that it is because he hasn’t committed an impeachable offense.

Donny Deutsch:

This party of no, this anger, “I’m strong, you’re a chicken, I’m strong, you’re a chicken”. Who is that talking to? It’s so tone-deaf.

Nicolle Wallace add:

Cruz was also asked at that event(a speech to defund ObamaCare), “Why don’t we impeach President Obama?” and he said, “because we don’t have the votes.” The true answer, the intellectually honest answer is “Because he’s not committed an impeachable offense.” Ted Cruz is doing a whole lot of fear mongering and lying to the voters. He’s presenting an untruthful case.

The rest of the segment can be seen here.

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