GOP issues “Democrats’ War on Women” Memo

It is said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery but somehow I think many would disagree when it comes to the Republicans parroting the “War on Women” line. We discussed this issue before in an earlier post of mine.Also, if you’re not convinced of just how ludicrous this idea is we did a special post on some interesting quotes about women’s issues by Republicans.

Today the GOP leadership actually sent out a memo on their website in regards to the *Democrats War on Women* (que thunderous boom and or evil theme music). Read the memo in an above link, seriously, do it. Just within the first paragraph you’ll see a bold-faced lie.

Democrats want voters to think they’ll do anything to defend women. But when women in San Diego were allegedly harassed, marginalized and exploited by a Democrat mayor, most Democrats said nothing.

I call total B.S. Apparently they have selective memory because we also did a post on how Donna Frye (former democratic San Diego Councilmember) refused to remain silent on the harassment even though she said it “pained her” to do so. She has stood with every woman who has come forward about the harassment and democrats have demanded Mayor Bob Filner resign. He has to be recalled though because he refuses to do so, some people follow the process of the law. If he does not step down short of the recall there is nothing we can do and it’s frustrating. We’ve noted this is the first Democratic mayor San Diego has had in 40 years.

Second line of horse hockey from the memo:

That’s not mentioning the Weiner campaign official, who went on a tirade against a female intern while she was talking to a reporter (thinking it was off the record), attempting to shame and humiliate the intern by verbally attacking her as a “slutbag” among a long list of other offensive, sexist, and demeaning terms. This is how Democrats really talk about women when they think no one will find out.

I think most of us would love nothing more than for Anthony Weiner to just drop out. Honestly, the party gave the guy a second chance and now we’re over it. Also I think the above line is rather rich considering the fact that the GOP rallied around Rush Limbaugh when he was degrading Sandra Fluke time and again for nothing more than wanting birth control to be covered by insurance she paid for. He basically called her a prostitute! Despite all this we know the GOP and their leadership have no new tricks or real issues to talk about so they have to co-opt them from us. It is however good to see it coming and be ready. So you tell every Republican you know “Bob Filner and Anthony Weiner and every other backwards dem do not represent us and our party!”

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