In The News This Week

*FemCare, the sole remaining women’s health facility in the state of North Carolina had its license temporarily suspended this week by the Department of Health and Human Services.

*A possible terrorist threat from Al Qaeda has 22 U.S Embassies and consulates closing this weekend and American travelers have been put on alert.

*Red is apparently the *new* blue in political-speak? Someone got their primary colors mixed up.

*At the Pentagon Sixty troops have been fired as sexual assault counselors, recruiters or drill instructors after the military investigators found they had committed violations ranging from alcohol-related offenses to child abuse and sexual assault, USA TODAY has learned.

*The United States Postal Service gets an overdue bipartisan overhaul this week.

*Michigan Medicaid expansion remains stalled in the Senate much to the dismay of 500,000 Michiganders.

*It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a huge cloud of petcoke blowing around Detroit?

*The Supreme Court orders California to release thousands of inmates.

*Senate Republicans block THUD bill before summer recess.

*Gov. Tom Corbett of Pennsylvania sues Montgomery County register to stop issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples.

*The House approved lower student loan rates this week.

*Marriage equality has now crept into thirteen states total as of this week.

*San Diego Mayor Bob Filner canceled a sexual harassment training session within his first few months of office… much for that theory about his problem being the city’s fault.

*NCAA champs honored at the White House this week give President Obama bunny ears in photo-op.

*Not breaking news but it is cute! Bolt down your dumpsters in Colorado or they might get snatched by a black bear?

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