Jessica Williams And Samantha Bee Discuss Race On The Daily Show (Video)

In a hilarious segment about race, the two female correspondents for The Daily Show examined the differences between white and black perceptions by gathering 2 panels (one all white and one all black) and asking similar questions to each.

As funny as the video is, and it is funny, it’s also very telling about race relations in this country. One white panelists even says, “The fact that we keep talking about the problems exacerbates the problems.” While the black panel noted that “Black people talk about race all the time. It’s something we have to deal with all the time.”

“Part of the privilege of being white is you don’t have to feel uncomfortable just for existing and thinking a police officer is gonna profile you for what you look like,” said a female in the Black panel. Meanwhile, a woman on the white panel said race had never affected her ability to get a job, but that she had never been interviewed by a black person before Williams. “Maybe black people just aren’t interested in my job,” she said,” I mean they should be ’cause I work in fashion.”

See the video below courtesy of Comedy Central:

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