John Fugelsang On The Truth About Republicans And Abortions (Video)

When John Fugelsang recites and open letter to pro-life, anti-abortion Republicans, he thinks it’s best to not use the term ‘pro-life’ with people who are generally pro-death penalty, pro-torture, pro-euthanasia, pro-preemptive war against countries that haven’t attacked us, pro-totally-unregulated-way-easy access to guns for anybody, pro-drone bombs, pro-land mines. Instead he chooses to call them people who are anti- Roe vs Wade. And the GOP continues to convince you that they intend on repealing the law that has been in effect for 40 this last January.

This year Alec has written many restrictive bills trying to make abortions harder to get and attempting to close down clinics in Texas, North Carolina, and Wisconsin and whether the bills hold up in court doesn’t even matter to them. Their goal? To keep the votes and the money coming. It’s their best fundraising tool.

Please see the video below courtesy of Current TV:

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