A list of things that made the news this week!

*Anthony Weiner is under the impression he’s taping the sequel to the movie The Campaign.

*Erick Erickson has inherited his parents completely unimaginative genes and dubbed Senator Wendy Davis with the lamest nickname ever.

*Senator Rand Paul is fed up with talking about ex-employee Jack Hunter and minces no words in getting that point across.

*The Dream 9 were released from immigration detention this week.

*Rick Santorum tried to say something clever again and it flopped miserably.

*Florida’s Education Commissioner resigns in scandal…again.

*The NSA and DEA have been caught having an illicit affair behind the backs of the American people.

* A medical marijuana dispensary opens up just blocks from the capitol hoping to pave the way for a federal law change.

*The sole survivor of the Granite Mountain Hotshots team gives his first interview since the tragedy of losing his whole crew.

*Ariel Castro’s “House of Horrors” is officially demolished.

*The Michigan Chamber of Commerce launches an official pro-fracking campaign.

*The Fort Hood shooting trial begins.

*A shooting takes place at a Pennsylvania township meeting.

*Scientists find two possible cures for Malaria.

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