3 High School Soccer Players Charged With Rape(Video)

In Massachusetts, 3 players from the Somerville High School Junior Varsity soccer team were charged with rape when they were arrested for the alleged assault of 3 freshmen students after sneaking into their cabin during a weekend retreat at Camp Lenox, one of the more popular sports camps in the state.

17-year-old Galileo Mondol, who will be tried as an adult, is being charged with:

-Aggravated rape of a child under the age of 16(1 count)

-Assault with intent to rape a child under 16(2 counts)

-Indecent assault and battery(1 count)

-Assault and battery(3 counts)

-Witness intimidation(3 counts)

The other two boys, both 16, whose names were not released, will be brought similar charges in juvenile court when they are arraigned.

There were 161 students attending the camp and 19 supervisors, including Somerville Mayor Joseph Curtatone

Due to them being juveniles, no information on the alleged victims have been released.

More on this story below.



In this next video, you will hear reactions from other Somerville Hugh School students.


This video includes words from Mondol’s attorney and follows with Mayor Curtatone discussing the future of the camp after the incident and says precaustions should be taken to prevent these things from happening in the future.

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