Ann Coulter Repeatedly Refers To Obama As Putin’s “Monkey” (Video)

We all know that every time Ann Coulter opens her huge, ignorant mouth that she is going to say things just to get people talking. It’s the sad way in which she makes a living. Not even something as vile as making obvious racist comments are beneath her.
Monday night on Fox News Hannity and Coulter begin right away with disparaging remarks against President Obama. They say he acted confused and wimpy on he world stage. Coulter even said that Americans were knowledgeable and that why the country supported Iraq but not “this nonsense.” (I guess she missed the majority of Americans who were against the Iraq war from its inception.) She then goes on to to talk about how Putin is “making a monkey out of Obama.”

Yes, the argument can be had that she did not directly call President Obama a monkey but anyone with even half a brain cell knows it’s a racial slur and she is either ignorant or she just doesn’t care.

Video courtesy of Media Matters:

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