Father Tells 6 Year Old Son To Lie About Shooting His 4 Year Old Sister (Video)

In Jackson County, Wisconsin this week a 6 year old boy shot his 4 year old sister in the face with a shotgun. He was then instructed by his father, 48-year-old father Fred B. Maphis, to lie to authorities and tell them that the gun accidentally went off when he dropped it. The boy who is said to have had 3 years experience using firearms, later told police the truth. The boy told police that his sister had asked him to aim the shotgun at her, but he had made the mistake of putting it too close to her ear. The father said he had forgot to unload the gun earlier. At the time of this writing reports are that the girl injured will recover.

The father is facing misdemeanor charges of leaving a loaded firearm near a child and obstructing an officer. He is due in court on September 23.

See the video below from WKBT, broadcast Sept. 17, 2013:

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