Florida Man Suing Police After Being Punched and Charged With Walking on the Wrong Side of the Road(Video)


A First Coast man named Bobby Wingate is filing a lawsuit against the Jacksonville Sheriffs Office after being assaulted by a police officer and arrested for “walking down the wrong side of the road” and  non-violent resistance of arrest.

As Wingate was walking, the officer told Wingate that he wanted to talk. Wingate told the officer that he was “running late” to an appointment. According to court papers, the officer got out of the car, hit Wingate in the face and reached for his taser, so Wingate dialed 9-1-1. While on the phone, Wingate told the dispatch he had done nothing wrong. After being arrested and taken to trial, the court threw the case out before the defense took the stand because the officer couldn’t tell the court which side of the road Wingate was on.

See the story in the video below.


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