FOX News’ Hasselbeck Believes The Focus of Mass Shootings Should Be On Video Games Instead of Guns.(Video)

FOX and Friends’ Elizabeth Hasselbeck said guns shouldn’t be the focus of the D.C. Naval Yard shooting, involving Aaron Alexis. She believes the focus should be on his love for video games. Instead of gun registry, she believes video games should be registered and tracked systematically.


Are more people susceptible to playing video games? Is there a link between a certain age group or demographic in 20- to 34-year-old men, perhaps, that are playing these video games and their violent actions? What about frequency testing? How often has this game been played? I’m not one to get in there and say, monitor everything, but if this indeed is a strong link right to mass killings then why aren’t we looking at frequency of purchases per person? And also, how often they’re playing and maybe they time out after a certain hour?


You can see the segment below, via Raw Story.


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