Rush Limbaugh Doesn’t Know Anyone Who Would Be Offended By The Team Name Redskins; Says It’s A “Manufactured Controversy” (Audio)

On the September 12 edition of his radio show, Rush Limbaugh called the debate over the racially charged name of the NFL’s Washington Redskins as a “manufactured controversy,” asking if anyone is truly offended by the name. Limbaugh, apparently unaware, that American Indian tribes, members of Congress, the U.S. judicial system, and others have all raised concerns that the team name is racially disparaging.

“Who is bothered by this? We love to talk about majorities versus minorities. They can cram nearly 100,000 people in that stadium, and every time they have a game, it’s full. Who’s offended? … This is a manufactured controversy, manufactured by the left, and they want the government to come in or a powerful authority to come in and tell this individual owner what he can’t or can do, unwittingly supporting the loss of liberty and freedom. Now, if people have a problem with the name of the team, fine. Let the NFL deal with it within its own business framework. Why does the government have to get involved?”

Listen here:

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