Elisabeth Hasselbeck Believes Air Conditioning Is “The Ugly Side Of Welfare”(Video)

On “FOX & Friends”, the crew did a segment on folks who receive welfare and all the things they have in their homes. Before she showed a clip of  FOX Business host John Stossel interviewing people on the street, Hasselbeck raised the question: “Do these folks really need to be on welfare”?

Here’s some of the items Stossel asked about.

Air Conditioning

Television(one guy said he plays video games)

Cable(I think he said 21 channels)

A phone


I’m surprised they didn’t throw indoor plumbing and clothes in there.

They didn’t seem to ask how long these people had these things, if they have jobs, how long they have/haven’t been working, how much they receive or if they are actively looking for work. I guess that would defeat the purpose of having that “Welfare vs. Work” header on the screen.

Stossel pulled out a chart to show the percentage of poverty dating all the way back to the 50’s. He misses a couple of things on his graph: job creation and population growth. Population increased consistently in the last 50 years. Jobs? Not so much. When job growth can’t keep up with population growth, you end up with more poverty.  Then there’s that pesky little income inequality thing they tend to forget about. The Pre-tax share of income that went to the top 1% doubled in that same time period.

To drive his point home, they had a government worker say they encourage people not to get jobs, so they can receive better benefits.

Towards the end of the segment, Hasselbeck made a very interesting statement:

In 35 states, the minimum wage there is less than you can make on welfare.

There are two ways to respond to that:

Minimum wage is too low


Welfare is too high

Do I really need to say which one they chose?


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