Hate Group Thanks FOX News For Their Support(Video)

The American Family Association(AFA), a group who has been labeled as an anti-LGBT hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center had some very kind words for the cast of FOX & Friends and Todd Starnes after a soldier who was attending a military briefing that discussed numerous hate groups became upset and sent photos of the slideshow to Mr. Starnes. The soldier says he donates to the AFA often.

FOX & Friends co-host Steve Doocy described the AFA as a “well-established, traditional Christian ministry that simply opposes gay marriage.”

Todd Starnes believes it is a blatant attack on Christianity, but identified the groups discussed as being the AFA, KKK, Neo-Nazis, New Black Panthers and the Nation of Islam in his own article.

After all the support from FOX, AFA mouthpiece Bryan Fischer had this to say:

The Fox network has been very friendly toward the American Family Association in this debacle. Last night on The Kelly File, Sandy Rios of the American Family Association was interviewed by phone.  It was a brief segment but very friendly toward the AFA, critical of what the military is doing. And Todd Starnes went on Fox & Friends this morning. I think Brian Kilmeade was there, Steve Doocy, Ellen Hasselbeck was there, and again, very friendly venue for him to explain what he had discovered.


The reason they were called a hate group is because of the anti-LGBT rhetoric that they have known to throw around and it goes well beyond opposing gay marriage. Here’s a few examples.

Conservatives should embrace discrimination against homosexual behavior.

In complete support of Russia’s anti-LGBT laws.

All Mosques should be closed immediately because they’re training centers for radicals.

Gay sex being domestic terrorism.

All gays should be put in reparative therapy, just like drug abusers are put in rehab.

Oh, and this got him booted from CNN.

You get the picture.

Now you can hear Fischer tell you he’s the real victim in all of this.

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