John Stossel Doesn’t Like Paying The Same For Health Insurance As Women (Video)

On FOX and Friends, during a discussion with host Steve Doocy, John Stossel argues that women should pay more for health insurance under Obamacare because they visit the doctor more often. This wasn’t the first time that argument was made on FOX.

Stossel: Yesterday, President Obama stood in front of a bunch of women in Massachusetts and said, “No longer will those evil insurance companies be able to charge you women more”, but, when did you last go to the doctor?

Doocy: When did I go to the doctor?

Stossel: Elisabeth can answer quite quickly. Women go to the doctor much more often than men. Maybe they’re smarter or maybe they’re hypochondriacs, who knows? If it’s insurance, you ought to be able to charge the people who use the services more. More!

Doocy(mockingly): But John, you’re not paying attention. This president, this administration, wants to make everything fair. It’s not fair if you pay less than she does.

Stossel: It’s fair if you pay for what you use, unless you destitute.

Doocy: Sure. And a number of Republicans used the argument of, why should I pay for, you know, I’m in my 60’s. Why should I pay for your maternity coverage?

Stossel: Women pay for men’s Viagra.

(both laugh)

The segment is in the video below

(Via Media Matters)

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