Bill Moyers: Obamacare Is The Right Wing’s Alamo (Video)

On Moyers and Company, host Bill Moyers explains to his audience that Republicans have gone well out of their way to fight the Affordable Care Act. If they couldn’t defeat it, they wanted to at least refuse as much funding as they could in order to make implementation as ugly as possible while also given Republicans something to grandstand about. They are doing these things successfully. But, this strategy isn’t a new strategy:

This happened back in the thirties, after Congress passed Social Security, but failed to sufficiently fund the board that was supposed to run it. Republican opponents of ObamaCare have gone further. After it passed, they stalked it like Jack The Ripper. In the states, through the courts, all the way to the Supreme Court, which – uh-oh – ruled it constitutional. In last year’s election, when they lost again. But quit? Never. For Republicans, this has become their Alamo.

You can see the entire segment in the video below.

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