Cenk Uygur Tears Into John Stossel For His War On Panhandlers (Video)

Thursday on The Young Turks, host Cenk Uygur slammed FOX Business host John Stossel for repeatedly going after homeless people and accusing them of being “fake” by going out and dressing up as a man who appears to be down on his luck, holding up a sign and asking for change.

After showing the clip, Stossel then boasts about how he pulled off the homeless act and how much money he made, while using that as a proof that those who give change to people on the street are suckers being ripped off.

Cenk Uygur had this to say.


They were trying to be decent human beings. They didn’t know you were a Fox prick in disguise.

Uygur then agrees with Stossel that money shouldn’t be given directly to the homeless and would be better used by giving to homeless shelters. Part of that I disagree with because I feel that if it’s your dollar, you should be able to put it wherever you like. If you want to invest it, buy a burger, a lottery ticket or put it in a stranger’s cup as an act of kindness, that’s up to you, however, I am in support of investing in homeless shelters.

Uygur also wonders why Stossel does this same thing repeatedly, just to end up proud of getting the same results.

He does this every time. Breaking news, People in New York are actually decent.

It’s really sad when a guy who is among the top 1% spends years trying to prove that some individual on a random sidewalk holding a sign and a cup is an overpaid scam artist.

Oops, I almost forgot. At the end of the video, Uygur reminds Stossel of the last time he accused someone of faking it(Hint: These guys actually DO fake it. Sort of).

Check it all out it the video below.

(Via Youtube/Raw Story)

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