Elderly Woman Takes Down Attempted Rapist With A Knife (Video)

Crimes are committed often against the elderly because they are viewed as weak and fragile, but this potential rapist picked the wrong elderly woman to mess with.

70-year-old Alice Dunn had just dealt with a burglary in her Englewood, Florida home the night before, so she hid a knife in a book in her living room, near the recliner she eventually fell asleep in.

As she fell asleep, a man came from behind the chair and put his hand over her mouth, because as Dunn recalled, she started screaming in fear. She said she already knew what he planned on doing.

He came to rape me. He turned to me and he held me over my mouth and then he grabbed me and said, “Get in the bedroom.”

As they struggled, Dunn slid off the chair to the floor. While she was trying to get back up, the man appeared to be attempting to help her up, but Dunn declined his assistance, and told him, “let me do it.”

The man loosened his grip, so Dunn grabbed her hidden knife and began stabbing the intruder.

I started stabbing him, but I just couldn’t get it in far enough. I really just wanted to get it in, get it in there, and twist.

The alleged rapist ran away, but he was found easily by police after they followed the trail of blood to the home of  David Szakalos. When police asked Szakalos to lift up his shirt, he revealed two large bandages.

He was arrested for battery of an elderly person and an officer, as officers claim Szakalos resisted arrest.

With crimes committed on her property on consecutive nights, Dunn is understandably growing increasingly uncomfortable.

I don’t even know what I’m going to do. I want to keep the house open, I don’t want to run the air conditioner, but what can I do? I’m really afraid.

More on this in the news clip below, via WCSH 6


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