FOX News Host Uses Obamacare To Downplay Katrina And The Iraq War (Video)

On “America’s Newsroom”, FOX News host Martha MacCallum took the opportunity to say that Obamacare’s current struggles ‘touches so many people’s lives’, unlike Hurricane Katrina and the war in Iraq. This goes along with the other big talking point coming from FOX News right now – Anything else Obama does is just a ‘distraction‘ from Obamacare. Pushing the ENDA, Immigration reform – All of it. Even Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran that took 3 decades to pull off.

Here’s what she said to FOX contributor Brit Hume:

What I keep coming back to in all of this is unlike other issues — Katrina or the Iraq war — that we’ve seen in the past [George W. Bush] second term, this is something that touches so many people’s lives across the country, and you don’t know whether the president is going to be able to successfully dodge it.

Ok, so where in America did people respond to Hurricane Katrina or the Iraq  war with a shrug? Everywhere I went, the deaths of thousands of Americans in an avoidable war based on bad intel was a pretty big deal. And if you think super storms that flood entire towns don’t ‘touch’ many people, even outside of the disaster area, you’re not paying attention.

You can see the rest in the video below.

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