Down For Maintenance

Friday night, will be  Down For Maintenance from 9 PM EST until 8 AM EST on Saturday morning to attempt to beat their deadline, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services said.

Officials say during the maintenance checks, the website’s application and enrollment system will be unavailable, but one section of the website that verifies income and citizenship information, known as the Data Services Hub, will function as normal.

For the past few weeks, President Obama and other officials have been promising that the vast majority of users will start having a better experience when using the federal website by the end of November after receiving numerous negative reviews from from applicants who frequently faced crashes, error messages and delays when trying to shop or sign up for insurance.

A White House official said was originally planned to handle 50,000 concurrent users, and will reach that capacity by Saturday.

The official also said a big spike in traffic, like the amount of visitors on Oct. 1, will cause users to go into a queue to receive e-mails advising them when to return to the site.

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