Jon Stewart Goes After FOX News For Comparing Obamacare To Hurricane Katrina (Video)

Monday, Daily Show host Jon Stewart took a jab at the cast of FOX News for having the audacity to compare the early failures of to the ultra destructive, very deadly, Hurricane Katrina.

After seeing president Barack Obama’s approval rating drop, seeing him get booed at a basketball game and even seeing scandal plagued Toronto mayor Rob Ford get the exact opposite treatment in public, Stewart assumed that there couldn’t be a way to  over-exaggerate the troubles of when talking about it, but he soon realized that he forgot about the boys and girls at FOX News, where they repeatedly compared Hurricane Katrina to Obamacare, while trying to convince their viewers that the glitches of a crappy website hurt more people.

This is what Jon Stewart said after Chris Wallace wrote off the hurricane by saying it began and ended in a week, claiming the obamacare rollout was worse.

Are you out of your – do you know you’ve disappointed our audience? They think you might be out of your f*cking mind.


After that, Stewart brought in the best f*cking news team to debate over which one of former president George Bush’s bad moments would make a better comparison because, as Samantha Bee says, “you can’t bring up presidential f*ck ups without somehow bringing up George W. Bush. He just had so many.”


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