Jon Stewart Rips Cocaine User Trey Radel, The “Hip-Hop Conservative” (Video)

Wednesday, Daily Show host Jon Stewart takes a few hilarious jabs at Florida congressman Trey Radel for his cocaine scandal, the fact that he supported Florida’s drug testing of food stamp recipients and his claims of being a hip-hop conservative.

Jon Stewart Blowing Pains

Jon Stewart found it quite interesting that one of Radel’s favorite vacation spots was Cartagena, Colombia, a place internationally known for drug trafficking, so he sarcastically asked:

Were there any signs? Anything? Anything that could have tipped us off that he was a cocaine user? Anything you found? Anything?

After seeing Radel claim that conservatism is like Public Enemy’s “Fight The Power” because he thinks the song is about standing up against the government, but it’s not. The song is about institutionalized racism and civil rights. Civil rights attorney and activist Thomas “TNT” Todd speaking at the beginning of the song should’ve given it away. Also, the song was played repeatedly throughout Spike Lee’s “Do the right thing”, a movie that is completely about the racial tensions of a diverse neighborhood in Brooklyn.

This made Stewart wonder if Radel thinks that 2 Live Crew’s “Pop that p***y” was an ode to traditional marriage.

Stewart also felt calling yourself a “hip-hop conservative” is as silly as calling yourself a “smooth-jazz anarchist” or a “disco Nazi,” but says Radel will cover all of this in his new book.

Jon Stewart Rap

Finally Stewart pointed out the fact that Radel supports the drug testing of people who receives government benefits, and had this to say.

 No hypocrisy there, it’s not like he receives any taxpayer funds for his salary.

Oh. Right.

For more on this segment, please check out the video below.

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