Keith Ellison On Healthcare: Republicans Have Done Nothing But Complain (Video)

Sunday, on ABC’s This Week, Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN) told GOP strategist Ana Navarro that Republicans had plenty of time to come up with their own healthcare law and failed to do so. Now that the ACA has passed, all they have to offer are complaints.

We had a bad situation before. Republicans did nothing about it from 2000 to 2006, and now we’ve done something about it and all you want to do is complain.

Ellison pointed out that 57% of bankruptcies filed were because of medical debt before Obamacare passed. Ellison also noted that New Jersey Governor Chris Christie accepting the law’s medicare expansion will make the state ‘better off for it.’

Navarro argues that the law’s implementation will make employers consider paying the fine over paying coverage costs.

Wall Street Journal’s Paul Gigot predicts the healthcare law’s enrollment troubles will be an angle that the GOP will come together and use to pick up political points throughout 2014.

Check out the roundtable discussion in the video below.

(via Raw Story)

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