Maddow Says Republican Voters Disagree With Their Own Politicians On Increasing Minimum Wage (Video)

Tuesday, MSNBC host Rachel Maddow talked about the upcoming congressional vote on minimum wage and said if Republican, Independent and Democratic voters are in support of the wage hike and Republicans in congress are against it, that leaves a huge opportunity for Democrats to not only push for the bill’s passing with nationwide approval, but also pick up political points with right-wing voters who are against their own politicians, who would rather eliminate minimum wage, on this issue.

Rachel Maddow minimum wage support

It’s a wildly popular policy. Even Republican voters love the idea of dong this. Democrats in congress love the idea of doing this. The president wants to do this, but Republicans in congress so far are standing against it.

Maddow also made it clear why this is not only great for the country, but great for Democrats as well:

If your side supports something, that is so wildly popular, and the other side is against it, that is the definition of a political opportunity.

So why have the Democrats not been able to take advantage?

You can check out the rest of the segment in the video below.

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