Opinion: Senator Paul, Stop Being A Crybaby

By now, everyone is well aware of Kentucky Senator Rand Paul taking plot lines from Wikipedia and using them in his own speeches. MSNBC host Rachel Maddow brought the story to light recently. After he initially admitted he did in an interview with Jorge Ramos, he went on a rant about Maddow picking on him. He said she’s a hater and she’s been spreading hate on him for years.

Buzzfeed also found more plagiarism. A simple explanation of what he did and a public apology would’ve ended this. But no, we’re talking about Rand “the only victim in the room” Paul. He complained about being beaten up and abused by the media, which made even more plagiarism charges pop up.

Finally, after nobody accepted any invitations to his pity party, and after losing his column with the Washington Times, Paul decided to fix it – of course this came with more complaining.

What we are going to do from here forward, if it will make people leave me the hell alone, is we’re going to do them like college papers. We’re going to try to put out footnotes. We’re going to have them available. If people want to request the footnoted version, we’re going to have it available.

Normally, a person in his profession would try to kill a story like this ASAP, since everyone already saw how this plays out….

Vice President Joe Biden got in trouble for plagiarism as well. In 88, Michael Dukakis put out an attack ad accusing Biden of this exact thing. Biden flat-out denied any wrongdoing and attacked Dukakis for bringing it up. Biden, apparently unaware of how the media works, witnessed more plagiarized speeches come to light throughout every media outlet in America. He took the victim route as far as he could take it until he finally dropped out of the race. It took him 20 years to recover from that, and one has to question if he would have recovered then if the McCain/Palin ticket wasn’t so hilariously bad.

So, knowing what we know, what does Senator Paul do 25 years later? A week-long temper tantrum about haters, hacks and wanting everyone to just leave him the hell alone. He even went as far as wanting to be able gun down his “haters” in a western style duel.

Seriously? He wants to shoot his haters? Is this man a 50-year-old politician or a struggling rapper?

This whole episode reminded me of an old Scooby-Doo ending:

I would have gotten away with it too, if it weren’t for you meddling kids.

THIS is a man who wants to run for president? He has made it clear that he isn’t good at handling media pressure. One cable news host, one newspaper and one website is all it took to make Senator Paul feel cornered. If he makes it through the primaries in 2016, he will have the undivided attention of every single blog, newspaper and TV news reporter. They will watch his every word and his every move. They will dig so deep into his past, he will see reports about things he forgot he did. They won’t be concerned with hurting his feelings either.

He can call up Barack Obama and ask him about it.  George W. bush and Bill Clinton never went a day without a story either.

Senator Paul better toughen up quickly, because if this whining, juvenile version shows up in 2016, the media will really tear him to pieces.


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