Pope Francis Shows Support For Anti-Fracking Activists

The same week Sarah Palin said Pope Francis sounds ‘kind of Liberal’, his holiness is seen joining yet another liberal cause: The fight against fracking.

Monday, the pope invited a group of anti-fracking activists from Argentina to the Vatican and after their meeting, the pope took a couple of photos. Both of them have him holding up environmental t-shirts.

EJOLT (Environmental Justice Organizations, Liabilities and Trade) activists say the pope is preparing an encyclical to discuss his stance on nature and environmental pollution.

EJOLT’s Sonia Goicoechea had this to say:

As an image is worth a thousand words, the Pope demonstrated his opposition to shale gas fracking and the contamination of water due to mega mine projects, posing for two photographs. One with a t-shirt that states that “Water is worth more than gold: El Agua Vale mas que el Oro”, and the other stating “No to Fracking”. The concern from His Holiness was clear when the following cases were mentioned to him by Fiscal Gomez, including Barrick Gold, Chevron in Argentina and Ecuador and Yasuni, among others.

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