Stephen Colbert Mocks Walmart For Their Employee Food Drive (Video)

Tuesday, Comedy Central’s Stephen Colbert went after Walmart for their Thanksgiving food drive that is set up to give food to their own low wage workers who can’t afford goods for the upcoming holiday. Walmart sees this as proof that they take care of their employees, while ignoring the fact that needing a food drive in the first place actually proves how poorly they are taken care of.

Here’s what Stephen Colbert had to say:

You see, Walmart is taking care of its employees. Not living wage care, but can of peas care. Now some critics out there say Walmart isn’t doing enough, but they’re wrong, because Walmart isn’t doing anything. These bins are for Walmart employees to donate to other employees. And where can Walmart’s low wage workers find cheap food to donate? Walmart. Anyone can afford food there, except for people who work at Walmart.


The Colbert Report
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