Tired Of The Obamacare Spin In The Media? Read It Yourself (File inside)

You’ve heard the law be described as a government takeover. You’ve heard it be compared to both the holocaust and slavery. It has even been accused of costing Americans jobs. FOX News’ Brian Kilmeade went as far as suggesting the bill might land you in prison if you don’t pay on time.

There has been plenty of theories thrown around when discussing The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act(AKA Obamacare) throughout the media, but most of it usually ends up getting debunked by fact checkers because:

A) The person speaking hasn’t read it.

B) The person has read it, but intends to mislead.


With that said, why not just read it yourself and see if you agree or disagree with it on your own, regardless of ideology or political party? It will definitely save you the trouble of trying to figure out who knows what they’re talking about when it comes to the ACA and who doesn’t.

Affordable Care Act


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