Bill O’Reilly Tries To Convince His Viewers He’s Not A Right Winger (Video)

Thursday, FOX News host Bill O’Reilly told his audience that he is an independent who just likes to keep an eye on both Republicans and Democrats.

He has avoided calling himself conservative at times in the past, usually describing his views as being a traditionalist.

For the record, a conservative is a traditionalist.

In the first clip, Rick Santorum said the Republican Party is the big tent party and it’s packed with diversity while explaining why there is so much in-fighting going on within the party these days. I don’t think he knows what diversity means. Diversity doesn’t mean you need to start creating various ‘outreach’ groups because you’re not  generating enough angry white guys anymore. It means you already have the variety.

Moving on..

The “independent” O’Reilly tells Republicans they need to stop bickering and come together if they plan on defeating Hillary Clinton in 2016.


In the second clip, O’Reilly brings in Megyn Kelly and tells the audience that she isn’t an ideologue as they attack Obamacare together.

In fairness to both, I have seen Megyn Kelly call out far-right conservatives for making ridiculous statements that weren’t worthy of debate and Bill O’Reilly is no fan of Rush Limbaugh, but to claim that these moments somehow mean they aren’t comfortably placed on team conservative is a bit of a stretch.

I’ve seen Rachel Maddow and Jon Stewart go after liberals before. It doesn’t mean they’re not liberal, but hey, whatever you say, Mr. O’Reilly.





Let’s see how “independent” O’Reilly really is.


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