Florida Man Breaks A Baby’s Leg Because A Diaper Change Interrupted His Gaming

A 20-year-old Florida man named Paul Lajeunesse is currently being held without bond on a charge of aggravated child abuse for breaking a one month old baby’s leg after he became frustrated over having to take a break from playing his Xbox to change a diaper.

The baby’s grandmother said that Lajeunesse – who spends most of his time at home and doesn’t have a job – had been growing increasingly upset with having to the baby’s diaper on a regular basis. She said she also worried about the way he handled the baby, because the baby often cried when he changed the diaper, but the baby didn’t cry when she did.

The grandmother is the primary caretaker of the baby. The child’s mother lives at the home as well, but she attends school during the day.

According to the Citrus County Sheriff’s Office, the incident happened on the afternoon of December 11. She told police that she asked Lajeunesse to change the baby’s diaper. He was playing the game at the time and was upset because his game was interrupted.

The CCSO was alerted on Dec. 12 of the injury to the infant. Members of the Department of Children and Families in Alachua County and Citrus County assisted the CCSO with this investigation.

Lajeunesse told the Department of Children and Families that he was frustrated as he went to change the baby’s diaper. When he lifted the infant’s legs, he heard a pop and saw the right leg go limp.

He told the grandmother what happened and they took the baby to the doctor.  X-rays showed the baby’s leg had been fractured and the child was taken to the hospital for treatment. The baby has since been released.

Lajeunesse was arrested and ordered not to have any contacted with the injured infant. It is not clear what his relationship with the child is.

On December 22, Lajeunesse said he didn’t intend to hurt the child, but admitted that he did yank the right leg of the child roughly, which led to the injury, a police report says.

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