GOP Rep Steve King To Congress: Ignore Immigration Reform And Debate Obamacare More (Audio)

Thursday, Rep. Steve King (R-IA), one of the more extreme members of the GOP, stopped by World Net Daily, a well known birther website, for an interview about Immigration Reform, and he claimed that the only reason they are pushing for passing it is to use it as a distraction from the debate against the Affordable Care Act. He says there is no need for any bill involving Immigration to pass the House.

Here’s what he had to say.

I strongly believe that only bad can come from passing anything out of the House that has to do with immigration. It can only be a vehicle to get components of the Gang of Eight attached to it.

He continued:

The speaker can give Harry Reid a call and say, “Why don’t you start a bill over there that is a companion to a House bill that actually doesn’t give amnesty?” Send it over to us and we can send it to the president’s desk. That way we don’t have to wonder about whether they will keep their word or not.

Anything that starts in the House gets something or maybe many of the things that the Gang of Eight [bill] amended to it, it goes to conference, potentially we end up in a big fight over immigration, it splits the Republican Party and it changes the subject from Obamacare. The President and the Democrats win, Americans lose.


The sad part is that totally blowing off the bill isn’t the worst response from Steve King regarding Immigration Reform. He usually takes the opportunity to directly insult DREAMERS, drawing everyone’s attention( both Democrats and Republicans) away from the actual debate to condemn his statements, followed by him claiming he was taken out of context and victimizing himself by blaming the Liberal media.

I usually don’t make direct accusations, but in this story I will. He knows very well that Immigrant Reform isn’t a distraction from the Obamacare debate. He wants to use Obamacare as a distraction from Immigration Reform. He hates it and has attacked it nearly every time he could find a live mic.

Also, when exactly did Obamacare stop being debated? The debate has been going on for years and is still going on this very minute.

The biggest issue is this: Congress used to be more capable of discussing multiple forms of legislation at any given time. What part of “least productive congress in history” does this Representative not understand?

It has gotten to the point that even members of his own party are no longer interested in the constant grandstanding and obstruction coming from the more fringe members of the party.

The sooner lawmakers like King are removed from office, the better.

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