Idaho Republican Who Pleaded Guilty To Rape Resigns

This week, Idaho state Rep Mark Patterson (R-Boise) has agreed to resign from office amid revelations that he had pleaded guilty in 1974 to assault with intent to commit forcible rape.

Patterson has agreed to hand in his resignation to Gov. C.L. “Butch” Otter at some point this week. His decision came just a few hours after members of the GOP precinct committee in District 15 voted unanimously to ask the soon-to-be former state representative to step down on Tuesday.

In an official statement, Paterson had this to say.

I do agree with the motion that was passed in regards to the fact that, in this current climate I can see where a lack of confidence to serve would be in question. The citizens of District 15 and Idaho need lawmakers who have their full ability to represent the people.

Patterson’s history involving rape came to light when the Ada County Sheriff’s Office announced that Patterson failed to include his criminal history while filling out a gun permit application.

Normally, that would cause for immediate revocation of his permit, but Idaho state law allows elected officials to be exempt from the law, meaning Patterson was able to keep his permit.

In 1974, Patterson, who was 21 at the time, pleaded guilty when a 46-year-old woman claimed that Patterson raped her twice while using the threat of his Doberman pinscher attacking her if she refused to cooperate.

The Idaho Republican says he was falsely accused by the woman and describe the moment as a “bizarre encounter.” He also says he only pleaded guilty because his attorney advised him to and he expected it to be expunged from his record.

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