Newt Gingrich Tries To Link Biden To The “War On Women” And Gets Schooled (Video)

Tuesday, on an episode of CNN’s Crossfire, host Newt Gingrich made an attempt to link Joe Biden’s question to women at a Japanese internet company to the GOP’s war on women.

Biden asked the women if their “husbands like [them] working full-time,” if they are married and if they were allowed to work from home.

A delighted Gingrich couldn’t wait to use that story to go after DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL).

Democrats like to complain about a Republican war on women. That was before Vice President Joe Biden started his current tour of Japan.

Today, while touring a Japanese game company, he walked up to a group of women and asked them, “Do your husbands like you working full-time?” He also asked them if they were married and whether they could work from home. They seemed slightly confused.

How do you explain Biden’s inability to stay in touch with reality?

While Biden’s comments were awkward, Newt forgot something very important about Biden, and Schultz quickly reminded him.

I really think this is amazing that you’re bringing up the Republican war on women in comparison to Vice President Joe Biden, the author of the Violence Against Women Act, when your party spent two years holding back on bringing the reauthorization of the Violence Against Women act to the floor. When your party has nominated consistently the likes of Corbett in Pennsylvania, who famously said, “Well, if women don’t like the fact that we’re going to force them to have an ultrasound when they have an abortion, they can just close their eyes.”

Or the party of Mark Obenshain who was the Republican nominee for attorney general in Virginia, who sponsored legislation that required a woman after having a miscarriage to report it to police.
So, if you want to talk about the war on women, Republicans — and that’s just a couple of examples.

Gingrich claimed that was just Schultz’s “version of reality”, but Stephanie Cutter had this to say.

That’s not her version of reality, Newt. Those are facts.

After that, Newt made it seem like he was about to go after Schultz’s comments, but he changed the subject instead.

Let me just point out one example that you had mentioned, that you alluded to earlier about treating cancer. In your home state, the most important cancer treatment center, the Moffitt Treatment Center in Tampa, has now been dropped by the AARP, United Health Plan, because of cuts that the Obamacare program made. So, everybody who wanted to go there under those plans is now being excluded.

You go around the country and talk about people who can’t get cancer treatments, I would suggest to you that in many ways, Obamacare is a war on people with critical disease.

For more of this segment, which also features RNC Chair Reince Priebus, please check out the video below.

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