Pat Robertson Says God Is Ok With A Sex Change And Gets Nostalgic About When Gays Were Called Mentally ill (Video)

On Wednesday, Televangelist Pat Robertson received an email from one of his viewers asking could she be able to pray her nephew’s gay away. Here is her question.

My 30-year-old nephew just told the family that he’s gay. I want to pray for him, but does he need to pray for himself in order to be helped?

When Robertson responded, he got a bit nostalgic.

A few years ago the psychiatrists, the psychologists used to say that homosexuality was a mental illness. Now, the Supreme Court has said that it is a protected right.

A few years ago….

Yes Pat, 1973 seems just like yesterday. Oh wait, I wasn’t born yet, Barack Obama was 12, Richard Nixon was still in office and still under investigation, Bill Clinton was a law professor who proposed to his girlfriend of 2 years named Hillary(she said no the first time) and George W. Bush was in the national guard.

He continues.

So what’s he going to pray about? Is he going to say something is wrong and he’s unhappy? And if he’s unhappy and realizes he is doing something that makes him miserable, you might help him.

It’s a very delicate situation, but they need to be shown the bible. What does the bible say about this? The bible is explicit about it.

Now I understand and I’ve mentioned on this program that people who need a sex change operation — in other words, it’s a woman that’s trapped in a man’s body, a man trapped in a woman’s body — and they really need some hormones and surgery to get the thing lined up, that’s one thing, but this other – many, many people are into this lifestyle because they have been abused as a child and so forth.


To see his segment, check out the clip from the 700 Club below.

(Via YouTube/RightWingWatchdotorg)

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