Pope Francis Named Person Of The Year, But Glenn Beck Wanted Ted Cruz (Video)

After Time magazine announced that Pope Francis would be their person of the year, Blaze TV host Glenn Beck, didn’t like the choice and thought another guy should have been given the nod: Texas Senator Ted Cruz, because Beck says he’s talked about a lot. While admitting that the Pope is kind and does a lot for the people, he accused him of having “Marxist tendencies.”

He makes me a little concerned on his Marxist tendencies. When you’re not on prepared remarks, Marxism starts to creep into your language. When you’re asked questions by people, you start to say, “Look, I don’t want to hurt you, I just think that redistribution of wealth isn’t so bad.”

Beck said Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius should be considered over Pope Francis as well, because the implementation of the president’s health care reform law would affect “every life on the planet.”

Beck then said Cruz never had a shot at winning, because basically, progressives are holding him down.

The reason why they didn’t pick Ted Cruz is because they don’t want to give him any more power. I mean, they’ll put Hitler on. They did make Hitler and Mussolini the Man of the Year.

Beck is right about Hitler, but Mussolini was never named man of the year.

Beck also used one of his favorite buzzwords to attack progressives.

Remember, progressives are fascists, they are for fascism. Congratulations. I can tell you right now that they may have put Ted Cruz in the little pool to have his name looked at but nobody considered him.

So let’s see, that now makes Progressives Marxists, Fascists, Communists and Socialists, according to mr. Beck.

Also Ted Cruz wasn’t picked because he didn’t do anything. He made a bunch of anti-Obamacare demands while threatening a government shutdown. The shutdown happened. When the government reopened and he didn’t have a single demand met, he blamed senate Republicans for not standing by him since many of them considered causing a shutdown over a law you didn’t like irresponsible governing.

If a cook burns down a restaurant because his demands aren’t met, he’s not going to receive employee of the month, so Cruz is not going to be man of the year for shutting down the government.

As a matter of fact, no member of congress should even be considered after having the least productive year in congressional history.

Finally, The Blaze’s one person panel of Glenn Beck declared his own “Man of the year.” Hmm, I wonder who it will be.

That’s why The Blaze has selected — unbeknownst to The Blaze — Man of the Year, Ted Cruz.


To see his entire segment, please check out the video below.

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