Right-Wingers Come To Megyn Kelly’s Defense In The Fight For ‘White Santa’ (Video)

By now, I’m sure most of you have heard about Megyn Kelly making the argument that Santa Claus and Jesus Christ ‘are just white‘ on her Dec. 11 episode of “The Kelly File.”

People on the left, including myself, criticized Kelly for her comments.

Kelly didn’t appear on FOX News on Thursday, but returned on Friday to defend her statements by saying she was just joking and her segment was “for the kids.” She also blamed everyone who mentioned it and accused them of race-baiting.

Strange defense and exit for an argument you brought to national attention, but moving on.

Monday, others from the right came out with demands that Santa Claus must be white.

Libertarian Neal Boortz filled in for Herman Cain on his radio show. When he received a call from one of the show’s listeners, they both complained about black people taking everything away from white people, like Santa Claus. Boortz said he’s going to get back at black people this way.

I’m gonna scream and complain because Martin Luther King is always portrayed as black.

I say go for it. It would be interesting to hear him explain a white Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s struggles through legalized racism and discrimination created by Jim Crow laws.


FOX News host Bill O’Reilly took a bit of a calmer approach by totally parroting Megyn Kelly’s Friday Segment. He declared that Kelly was right and the original Saint Nicholas was white with this photo.

dark Saint Nicholas

He also said the far-left is looking to demonize “Fox News as a right-wing propaganda machine and a racist enterprise.”

Here’s the story he told his viewers.

As you may know, Miss Megyn Kelly causing some controversy after she said last week that Santa is a white man and so is Jesus. That after an internet column expressed disappointment with Santa’s Caucasian profile. Immediately, immediately the far left was outraged.

Of course, that’s if Jimmy Kimmel, Keenan Thompson and Jon Stewart laughing at you means outrage.

I’m glad O’Reilly feels that skin color shouldn’t be that big of a deal.

A few years ago, there was a guy on FOX News who wanted a cap on immigrants coming to America. Not because of jobs and not because of housing.

He wanted to make sure that white people were never outnumbered because of his fears of the ‘ White Christian Male Power Structure’ being destroyed.

Who was that guy?

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