Waitress Returns Wallet Containing $1000……To The Wrong Person (Video)

Samantha Knight, a Florida waitress who works at the Laishley Crab House in Punta Gorda, was cleaning a table when she found a wallet containing $1000 still sitting in an unattended booth. With good intentions, she caught up to a customer who was leaving and told him he forgot his wallet. He took the wallet and left. Later, she found out that it was the wrong guy.

I was like, “you left this in the booth.” He said thanks, patted his pocket, took it and walked away.

Knight felt a bit embarrassed about the situation.

I feel really bad. I wish I had just held on to it and waited for someone to call. But I thought I was giving it to the right guy.

Knight said she wouldn’t expect a man, who is older, to take money that didn’t belong to him.

I was surprised. It’s an older person who knows better; who knows how hard it is to make that kind of money.

Chuck Beam, the real owner of the wallet, said he wasn’t upset with Knight, who thought she was doing the right thing, but obviously felt different about the man who took it.

I felt awful. I still feel madder than anything at that guy.

Luckily for everyone involved, a surveillance video captured the exchanged between Knight and the unidentified man and was aired on NBC-2. The man who took the money saw himself on the news and returned the money. He said it was an honest mistake and that he had a $1000 in his pocket and assumed he had dropped it.

Chuck Behm, who headed to Chicago, gave Knight permission to keep the money. Knight is expecting a child.

Knight served the tables of both men on the day of the incident.

For more on this story, please check out the video below.


NBC-2.com WBBH News for Fort Myers, Cape Coral

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