Fox News Pundit Blames The FL Movie Theatre Shooting On “Data Rage” (Video)

Keith Ablow, Fox News psychologist and member of the network’s “Medical A-Team,” said that Monday’s movie theater shooting in Florida, where retired police officer Curtis Reeves killed Chad Oulson, may have been caused by what he calls “data rage.

According to Ablow, data rage is when you become so enraged by a machine that you engage in over-the-top behavior, like, for example, shooting a man because you are pissed at him for using a phone in a movie theater.

The problem with his theory is that it seems like he’s making excuses for the killer. Also, he totally made up the phrase “data rage.” We all know what he’s trying to avoid discussing…

Let’s see how he spins this:

I think we may have to look at something I’ll call data rage. Just like road rage. We know that when people interact with machines that sometimes they feel emboldened to do things that they never would, that it can be tremendously frustrating and that people who could be vulnerable. By the way, they may be impulsive to begin with or explosive. Add in technology or a machine and things can go over the top.

FOX News host Alisyn Camerota asked if Ablow was blaming the victim.

But Dr. Ablow. It sounds like you’re blaming the victim. It’s the victim who was allegedly texting and the suspected shooter was ticked off that maybe his movie viewing was interrupted and then they had this exchange of verbal altercation, and then the victim allegedly tossed some popcorn.

Ablow offered a defense for his statement.

We’ve got to blame the shooter here, but in understanding it, we’ve got to say, “Wow, that’s interesting, there was a machine involved.” Now, we also know in road rage there is a car involved. People seem to be dehumanized by the presence of this car and the fact that they can’t then connect to the individual.

So what’s happening here – Where somebody’s interacting with the machine and, therefore, removed from a kind of interpersonal moment here. In interacting with these machines, people do things they would never do. And not necessarily the guy pressing the button. It could be the guy two rows back who thinks of you as not human.

He also added this to his analogy.

We know it with cars. Let’s look for data rage elsewhere. We know it with Facebook. Why would kids feel emboldened to bully to the extent that they do on Facebook? Well, because of data rage.

Nope. This was just one of many senseless killings in America.

Couldn’t this have been avoided by simply sitting somewhere else?  Sure, it sounds like a crazy idea, but I tried it once and the result was zero casualties.

To see the interview, please check out the video below.

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