Megyn Kelly Tells Mitch McConnell To Stop Fighting Obama In Court And Try To Impeach Him (Video)

On ‘The Kelly File’, Fox News host Megyn Kelly told Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell there were many meaningful options for going after President Barack Obama, including impeachment.

While discussing a recent Supreme Court case, Kelly told McConnell that the president’s use of recess appointments was ‘just one example of many’ when it comes to “presidential overreach.”

And the question is whether beyond this case, what is perceived by some as presidential overreach, really can be resolved, in your view, by the courts.

When McConnell avoided bringing up impeachment, Kelly gave him a little bit of help.

We’ve had lawyers, constitutional lawyers come on this show and say, OK, so when that happens, when you have a president who, in your view or the view of some, is out of control in terms of overreach, you as the lawmaker really have two meaningful options, and the main one that has been used historically is, try to impeach him. I mean, is that ever considered? As opposed to running into the courts and trying to get them to do it?

The other one is to try to defund the president’s legislation which, of course, you guys have tried before.

McConnell never responded to the idea of impeachment, but said that defunding Obamacare is a less dramatic approach. He also added that the challenge is the United States Senate, which is controlled by Democrats.

The suggestion of impeachment from conservatives come as no surprise, since they have been pushing for it dating all the way back to right after Obama’s first inauguration.

For more, please check out the video below. (via FOX  News)

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