Rep. Jack Kingston Receives Plenty Of Free Lunches While Telling Poor Students To Work For Theirs (Video)

Last month, Georgia Republican Jack Kingston suggested that poor children who receive free lunch should have to clean their respective schools in order to teach them that nothing comes free. This week, we found out that Kingston receives thousands of dollars in free lunches of his own at the expense of the taxpayers.

According to WSAV’s Dan Kartunen, “Kingston and his staff expensed nearly $4200 in meals for business purposes to his congressional office, paid for by the American taxpayer.” Talking Points Memo says that amount could have paid for nearly 2000 school lunches. To add to that, WSAV also reported that Kingston created a tab of $4,289 in free meals paid for by third-party groups like the Georgia Bankers Association and the Congressional Institute.

Here’s more from TPM.

 Kingston has also travelled to a handful of continents on congressional business racking up $24,313 in costs. Those expenses include more than just meals. What’s more, Kingston also expensed $145,391 worth of meals for campaign events.

Back in December, this is what Kingston said about children who received free lunch.

One of the things I’ve talked to the secretary of agriculture about: Why don’t you have the kids pay a dime, pay a nickel to instill in them that there is, in fact, no such thing as a free lunch? Or maybe sweep the floor of the cafeteria — and yes, I understand that that would be an administrative problem, and I understand that it would probably lose you money, but think what we would gain as a society in getting people —getting the myth out of their head that there is such a thing as a free lunch.

Apparently, free lunch isn’t a myth and he’s the one proving it.

For more, please check out the video below.

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