Student In Custody After ‘Zip Gun’ Found In Texas High School (Video)

Monday morning, a Katy, Texas school was evacuated because of what was initially believed to be a bomb threat. After a thorough investigation by the FBI, the Harris County Sheriff’s Office and the Houston Police Department’s bomb squad, a zip gun was found at Seven Lakes High School, according to Katy ISD officials.

A zip gun is any device altered to propel an object designed to cause harm.

According to officials, the school was evacuated a little after 10 a.m. after the Katy ISD Police Department was notified of the threat on campus.

Students were taken to the school’s football and baseball fields as the investigation took place.

The device was located an hour later and students were sent home at 1:30 P.M.

Students who drove to school and had their keys on them were allowed to drive home after their vehicles were cleared. Students who left their keys in the school weren’t allowed to immediately go back into the school to retrieve them.

From KHOU:

Parents were asked to pick up their students at Seven Lakes Junior High. All official after-school activities were canceled.

District officials clarified that there were two evacuations in the morning. The campus had proceeded with a regularly scheduled fire drill at 10:05 a.m. The students were evacuated as part of the drill and re-entered the building shortly after.

Once school officials learned of the real threat, the students were evacuated once again for a second time. School officials said the fire drill and the evacuation related to the security threat were unrelated.

While the school has been cleared and is now safe for students to return, all afternoon and evening activities have been postponed and the building remained locked Monday evening. In a notice sent to parents by district officials, the school will catch up on missed classes the following day and items left at the school will be returned to students.

In the morning (on Tuesday), administrators will be posted in open spaces where personal items may have been left by students. These administrators will monitor the retrieval of those items as students arrive.

Tomorrow, school will resume on its normal bell schedule. All SLHS students, including Miller and late arrival students, are asked to report to fourth period homeroom first thing in the morning. The regular school day will resume after fourth period homeroom. Quizzes and tests scheduled for tomorrow are postponed. Students should check with their teacher for an update on the quiz and test schedules.

Officials say that charges are still pending for the unnamed student who was taken into custody.

Seven Lakes High School also posted updates on the events as they happened throughout the day.

For more on this, please check out the news clip below.

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