Jailhouse Video Shows Inmates With Guns, Drugs, Beer (VIDEO)


Here’s a piece we came across from April of last year that still frightens the crap out of us.

Orleans Parish InmatesA federal judge conducting a hearing on alleged mismanagement of the Orleans Parish Prison in Louisiana has released a shocking video of New Orleans inmates carrying guns, taking drugs, drinking beer and even hanging out in downtown New Orleans.

The video is part of the mounting evidence of gross mismanagement at the Orleans Parish Prison being reviewed this week by the court and lawyers for the sheriff’s office claim the video was filmed four years ago on a cell phone smuggled into the prison.

In the video, a prisoner cooks crack cocaine, fills a syringe and shoots up the drug. In the background, someone yells, “This is Orleans Parish Prison Gone Wild!”

The video also shows a crowded jail cell of shirtless inmates carrying on as if at party and show one prisoner smoking a joint. Then the camera pans to a handful of pills: Vicodin, Percocet, and others. Even an in-cell cooler containing Budweiser is shown.

You can watch an overview by MSNBC, below:

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